Friday, August 15, 2008

Birthday party at Nascondiglio di Bacco

Ciao everyone, sorry i haven't had time to write, but here is the week's update. My buddies came in from near Napoli and from London and Giorgio put on an incredible tasting for 30 people with mozzarella, which i have said before is not my favorite cheese, buffalo steaks of 2 types (tenderloin and kc strips, basically) and wine from Campania. It was really something special. The mozzarella was just a few hours old and the difference between fresh and packaged, supermarket mass produced moz. is like the difference between Kraft singles and a fine English aged cheddar. The meat was wonderful, lean and tasty and the wine was quite good as well. All that and my peach ice cream made the same day with a shot of our passito for just 25 euros.
Speaking of euros, the dollar is rallying, so it is time to get your travel plans for Italy together!
We have been full and 2 rooms of our guests were quite nice and prepared signs and hung them up at about 5 in the morning along with balloons for my birthday which you can see. What nice folks!
In fact, we have been full of wonderful guests and just about all of them took off today, so we had 5 rooms to completely makeover for new arrivals today.
Yesterday evening was the big Ferragosto holiday in Italy or for the catholic church, the ascension of Mary. We celebrated by offering our guests a free happy hour with really good prosciutto from Pettarci in Visso, melon, and Prosecco (coke for the kids). Everyone enjoyed themselves and one couple even had a light dinner with us. I made pizza and Raffaele made a salad for the wife.
We haven't had any rain for a bit over 5 weeks and the forecast isn't very promising, so we are watering all the plants and the garden, but they are less than happy.
The photos show Giorgio and Gaia preparing and serving the mozzarella, Fabio getting ready to cook buffalo steaks on the grill, Giorgio explaining all the products and Bacco enjoying a bone the next day. Finally, everyone gets a little rest at the pool the next day.
Ciao dds

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