Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sagra di Porco and lunar eclipse

17 agosto
Buona domenica or happy sunday everyone. If you are diehard blog watchers and also check out the nascondiglio di bacco blog, you have seen the pictures from the festival of pork at the nearby town of Rotella. I had driven through there a bunch of times but never explored the town and it is really fascinating with small medieval streets and little plazas and for 3 nights, was the center of pork lover's paradise. We entered through the mad pig's head and made our way past stands selling anitpasti, primos and secondos of every sort of pig part. Bands were playing, boys were strutting and the girls were trying to look pretty.( i am sure i robbed that from some rock song).
You see Giorgio, Giuseppe, and Ola in the 3 little pigs cutouts.
There is a festival or 4 every night in the Ascoli Piceno province and our local village of Borgo Miriam has one which starts tonight and features strozzaprete which means priest choker) pasta and beer.
There is also a nearby Liszt festival at Grottammare, a jazz concert at San Benedetto etc. Too much really, to choose from.
Last night was the full moon for those who ventured out after dark and as I watched it, I could see the lower left hand corner disappear, so with my trusty google sage, I looked up partial lunar eclipse, August 16, 2008 and it came right up on my computer. The picture shows the reflection of the full moon in the concrete pond and the initial phase of an 81% eclipse.
We are still full, but today only one turnover, so not a bad day. I also finished placing the tutors we had, but we lack another 1.000 to completely finish the pecorino.
The 1st picture is Giorgio chasing Giuseppe on the beach near Porto d'Ascoli.
All for now.
Have a great week!

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