Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dawn of the potatura

16 gennaio
This week we started pruning the 30+ thousand grapevines, finishing as of today, maybe 20%.  As this job is just too much for 2 people, we have 2 helpers who I must say are excellent workers.  What a pleasant change from those we have had in the past.

After this potatura comes the legatura or tying of the vines and each one gets 5-6 individual ties to train them on the lowest wire.  After this year, it will be easy sailing, right?
Other important news from the week: Raffaele survived another year and Bacco had a blast playing with his son today.
Carnival season and Valentine's day quasi co-exist this year, so if you want to participate in a romantic weekend and run with the fake Offida bull,  reserve now.
I have been remiss in blog posts, but I make up for it with facebook posts under my name and Italy.  I am seriously pooped after slogging in our muddy field for 7 hours a day, so simple wins out.

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