Monday, January 11, 2010

Surfing Bacco and seagull hieroglyphs

11 January
Bacco and I headed to the beach of zona Sentina yesterday and found the surf definitely up.  My water loving dog couldn't resist body surfing a bit in the big waves.  A little stream separating Porta d'Ascoli and the reserve of zona Sentina was wide and strong, discouraging those who practice unsafe activities there, but I did run into my neighbor and his girlfriend riding their horses on the beach.   Bacco got clean and burned off some extra energy chasing seagulls ( who wrote the message above in ancient type ) and retrieving sticks from the sea I tossed out for him.
I am off to prune the day away and have two older contadinos helping out and hoping they cut the plants the way I told them and not the way they have done it for 50 years.  Fingers are crossed as cuts are pretty final and the plants need to be trained as perfectly as possible.
I am feeling for my friends back home who must think global warming is on holiday....patience, I see the temp climbing back to just freezing today.   Here it gets up to the low 50's and the lows in the mid to upper 30's at worst.
I get to try out the new power pruner today,  hopefully I will return with all digits intact!

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