Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another dawn, Bacco steals a sheep dog and pruning results

This week saw another 5 days of pruning with our 2 contadini helpers.  We have finished all but about 1.7 hectares or about 2/3 of the work.  I put up some photos of what it looks like before and after we have gone through.  I took Friday afternoon, Sat. and Sunday off as I needed to heal my left middle and ring fingers which decided they liked to be twice normal size.   Bacco borrowed the local shepherd's dog for some wrestling play today and as you can see that from the morning photo, it was beautiful here.
I am seeing rain and snow in the forecast, but with a little luck we will finish the pruning in 6-7 days.
Last night, I attended a Tex/Mex dinner at the town of Carassai at the Route 66 pub/pizzeria, which was sponsored by a fellow american Elizabeth Perkins.  She and her beau have an organic lavender farm and a B&B just north of us.
Carnival is less than 3 weeks away and we are offering a special weekend rate with a special welcome and you can combine it with Valentine's day and score big points with the significant other.   Check out the nascondiglio di bacco blog link at right for more information.

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