Monday, February 01, 2010

Red vines dutifully pruned

1 Feb. 2010
Today we finished pruning the red grapevines and started on the pecorino.  2 days and all will be trimmed and ready for tying.  We missed the forecasted snow, but got a bit of a cold front instead, so I suffered through the 1st hour of work today until the sun decided to do his job mo betta.
Thank goodness for the 2 workers we hired who have made this work much quicker and less intimidating. I worried about these 2 jobs for the last year, the pruning and tying during the 3rd year are the most difficult and important.
Here are some fotos from dawn yesterday, just after the "wolf moon" the brightest of the year and Bacco living the life of leisure to which he has become accustomed.  I doctored one of the dawn pix, as you can tell.. thanks to iphoto!

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