Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vlurd of Offida

17 Feb Ash Wednesday 2010
The Vlurd of Offida is the Fat Tuesday (Martedi Grasso) celebration in my little town.  The population swells three to fourfold with partiers from all over the world.  The day starts early in the bars and in the streets and the local "congrega" groups with names like serpent, mongoose, bear, owl, tyroleans, mexicans, jailbirds etc march through the streets of Offida with their instruments or boomboxes as they prefer.  The main plaza becomes a big dance hall and drinking establishment and as the day wears on those who are big imbibers become more sheets to the wind with each passing hour.
The pictures above are pretty self explanatory, but show at least 3 different organized groups with their marching bands.
The Vlurd, night time version is in a separate post.

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