Wednesday, February 03, 2010

15:50, 3 Feb, 2010, pruning finished!

3 Feb
Time for a festa!  We finished the last of the new  vineyard today meaning all 30000 vines are now pruned. 3 1/2 weeks of work with from 1-4 people.  On to the tying part in March, but tomorrow I will replace metal poles which train the vines and which I have been wont to bend with the tractor.  Hopefully there will be less than 100 bent or missing.  I will also count the vines which have died so we can replace them in the next month.
Here are some pix of the vineyard with its new haircut.
The first picture is taken from the merlot looking south, the 2nd looking west towards the site of the new winery (excuse the bad lighting), the 3rd comes as close as possible to showing the whole vineyard minus the very southeast corner and the final is from the northwest corner where the winery will be with the approximate view from the tasting area.  The winery will be among the weeds just ahead of the 2 olive trees and a bit left.


Anonymous said...

Looks great Dwight! Dolores and I can't wait to get back. We've had a couple letters from the family and look forward to seeing all of them as well as the both of you. Take care...John and Dolores

Dwight said...

just talked to the Baron about you guys today. can'twait until you can return for a visit! d