Friday, February 26, 2010


26 FEB 2010
It is time to name the winery and here is your chance to vote for your favorite.  We have winnowed 30 names down to 6 and I have included an explanation with the why and wherefore behind the thinking of each one.  Don't pay any attention to the length of the explanation, some are easier to explain than others, and they are in alphabetical order so no bias will enter.   By the way, "E", all of the above doesn't count, but feel free to write in your own idea if none suit of ours suit you.  Send the vote viral to your facebook friends if you are so inclined and you can vote through my site on facebook or at my email: with the title "vote".
We should be digging inside 2 weeks (I hope i didn't write that 2 weeks ago), so vote as soon as you have thought about all our ideas, bounced them off your colleagues at the water cooler, your friends over coffee at Latte land, your imaginary friends in your dreams, etc.


 1. Bacco Estates--our B&B is Nascondiglio di Bacco or hideout of Bacco the god of wine, also, my dog is named Bacco and he is the mayor of our zone.

 2.  Eris--the greek name for the god of discord, meaningful because we have planted varieties which are not traditional for our area, planted the rows and the vines too close, too low to the ground etc. according to our contadino neighbors.  Also Eris is the largest of the dwarf planets, 3X farther from the sun than the most famous dwarf, Pluto (it got demoted, if you didn't hear) and since we want to be the "biggest, little winery...

 3.  Manus--in the piceno dialect this can signify made by hand or the sweat of your labors or also your ancestor who had passed on and was prayed to for protection for the house and livelihood in ancient times.  This was usually signified by a little terra cotta figure of some kind ( as seen in the film Gladiator)

 4.  Martius--for the god, Mars, who by legend was responsible for rescuing his people from invaders by leading them to the Ascoli Piceno region behind his earthly representative, a woodpecker.  He also had some lesser known attributes for the early Romans as the god of spring and fertility.

 5.  Palmensis--Pliny the Elder in ancient times called the grapes from the piceno area, palmensis

 6.  Post scriptum--Raffaele and I have both changed careers, lives and lifestyles to embark on this wine making folly, so this indicates "that which comes after" our previous vita.  Originally, the idea was to call the winery PS to signify the above and have a second significance as our names are Paolini and Stanford, but our winemaker thought it sounded too industrial, hence the change to Post Scriptum.

Vote as soon as you can and invite others.  We hope to decide in the near future.  Remember, the name should be easily remembered and invite an incredible marketing campaign (think t shirts, mugs, wine openers, magazine centerfolds etc)
Thanks to all for participating!  The pictures are of the B&B with Bacco the dog, the vineyard and to get you in the mood for all those ancient greek and roman names, I included a temple from Agrigento, Sicily.
PS,, since PS is the leading vote getter right now, you can add that to your choices. dds


Marta said...

Mi piace tantissimo..

Doreen said...

I vote for Manus. Has a certain ring to it and I like the significance.

Sagrantinissimo said...

I vote for Bacco Estate, but this may be weird in Italian because they might htink the winery is called Bacco summer... or Post Scriptum. Good luck

John Martellaro said...

I like Eris. It sounds classy and seems appropriate.

Jim Stringer said...

I vote for Martius because, clearly, you are ready to do battle with all the challenges ahead -- enjoyable as many of them may be -- and Martius (aka Mars), if I have my mythology correct, is closely associated with waging war along with fertility, spring and so forth. Two other pluses with Martius: (1) a natural excuse to use the woodpecker, a distinctive and generally very well liked creature, as a symbol in your business and (2) a natural excuse to use the planet Mars, too. Best wishes for your success!

Collegiate said...

Post Scriptum--it fits perfectly.


Jasper said...

Post has a lot of meaning behind it and I know what you both have gone through with changing careers to starting Nascondiglio di Baco!

Nuova said...

Mi piace tanto Manus. E' semplice come nome e pieno di significato! Visto che ci sono in mezzo anche gli antenati è anche di buon auspicio...

La mia seconda scelta è Post Scriptum, per il vostro cambiamento di vita e anche per le vostre iniziali. Non è male...


Anonymous said...

Difficult choice!
Bacco is immediate, everyone will understand. The others will need an explanation at least for most people, which could also be good.
So, I do not know, but I will keep drinking the wine whatever the winery is called