Wednesday, March 10, 2010

La legatura, tying up 30K vines and the vote update

10 Marzo
I am off to the Valle d'Aosta region of Italy to ski, my 1st experience with european snow beneath my skis.  Prior to leaving, I thought I would show you some examples of my vine tying.  You would think with my past experience I would be fast at this job, but perfectionism interferes with speed and these "sutures" are much bigger than those I am used to.  Also at 23 degrees wind chill, my hands slow way down.
Current vote totals for the winery name and some comments from others: p.s 12, post scriptum 10, bacco estates 8, manus 3, eris 2 and martius 1.  This doesn't include votes from the italian contingent which are being calibrated by Raffaele.  3 people commented that post scriptum sounds too much like scrotum...boh.. some thought bacco estates would be best for marketing, others think the p. s. and post scriptum are appropriate for historical reasons.  Please feel free to vote while I am away, we still have plenty of time and thanks to Jet for helping with some label designs!  I will get his permission and post them here.
The other 2 pics are of the ancient roman bridge entering Ascoli Piceno from the east and what I think is a badger print which was next to the row of vines you see tied here.  For anyone more knowledgeable than me on animal tracks, let me know what you think.

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