Friday, March 12, 2010

Skiing under the Matterhorn

12 Marzo 2010
While it is snowing in central Italy and tying vines with blue hands and wet feet is extremely difficult, I have escaped to the Valle d'Aosta region of Italy near the border of Switzerland to ski.  We are near the town of San Vincent and not too far south of Mont Blanc.  The snow is pretty good and yesterday we had most of the slopes to ourselves.  The tree line in Italy is for the most part much lower than in CO, so the groomed slopes are amidst a sea of whiteness.  The pictures are of the upper part of the hill and you notice right away the Alps are much younger and more "pointy than the Colorado and Utah Rockies.  The Matterhorn (or Cervino) as it is known on the italian side is beautiful as are all its neighbors.  Today we are going to ski into Zermatt, Switzerland!

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