Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's a beautiful day!

28 Mar. 2010
I woke up early this morning after our time change and boy were we blessed with a good day today.  A spring storm came by unexpectedly yesterday afternoon and blew out all the haze, so the views of the Appenine mts was beautiful all the way from Gran Sasso to Mt. Vettore.  I took Bacco to the sea and the wildlife reserve and we hiked a bit in the swamp where I almost stepped on a mallard hen and Bacco flushed a female pheasant.  We had the beach to ourselves for about a half hour, so Bacco swam and fetched sticks from the very tranquil Adriatic, while I bird watched.  We then were surprised by a group on horseback which was exciting for Bacco before heading back to Nascondiglio where I spent the day shelling peanuts beneath our pine tree, listening to the wind blowing through the boughs and thinking it sounded like Colorado.  The european goldfinches were courting with their singing and flight displays, the shepherd was calling his sheep in the distance, but otherwise it was just peaceful solitude.
I then made peanut butter, chili, blood orange candy, and homemade chicken soup, so I am ready for the week.
Fernando, our excavator has been working night and day to get the construction started and on schedule and I have posted the photos of his work to date.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week and for the Christian, a wonderful holy week as well.
The pictures are of the southern mts with Nascondiglio di Bacco in the foreground as I left this morning, then a better view of the Gran Sasso chain from our neighboring town of Castorano, a perspective of how far the Sibillini mountains are from the beach at Porto d'Ascoli, horseback riders in the zona Sentina wildlife reserve with a very calm sea, the new hole in the ground waiting for its winery and pear blossoms with a grape vine peaking out.  Vitis vinifera wild grapes used trees to help them find the sunlight.

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