Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter, 1st construction fotos, mt. flowers and bacco with make up

4 Aprile
Buona Pasqua a tutti!  Finally a day of rest.  We have finished 153/160 rows of the vineyard, tying each vine with 4-5 ties made of plastic in 2 calibers.  My hands are relishing the break as there are holes and fissures in all my fingers, it seems.  Luckily, this is a one time only job, with subsequent years we will tie up only those outliers which have broken or were too short or distorted, etc.  
The winery construction has started this week and they have placed about 30 of 59 eventual "pilons" (sp?) which are sunk 16 meters, filled with re-bar reinforced cement and which will protect us in case of nuclear war, meteor strikes, armegeddon, etc.  
I spent 3.5 hours weed eating the new vineyard where the grasses had reached waist high and the new vines were in full time shade, then took Bacco to the Sibillini mountains for a hike partway up Mt. Vettore.  When we arrived at the 1st big snow field, I crashed and let Bacco do his snow bath thing.  The flowers are starting to bloom in the lower mts, such as crocus and others.  

The photos are of a european goldfinch,  the winery construction site, Bacco with his make up, Bacco removing his make up in the snowfields of Vettore, and mt. flowers.

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