Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flora and Fauna of N. di Bacco in April-Upupas, a Strillozzo and a crane?

April 20, 2010
These are the birds of the morning, the super cool looking Upupa and a sparrow-like bird called a Strillozzo..  the crane is of a mechanical nature and will help them put the big iron rods in place to make the cement walls earthquake proof.  Bacco is guarding his soccer field.
We had a whirlwind trip up to Bra, a town of 30,000 in the Barolo area of Piemonte, where in nearby Pollenzo, the university of gastronomic sciences has its HQ and undergrad school.  I was wrong in the previous post in that the masters program is getting bigger and will move to Piemonte from Emilia if all goes as planned.  There are now 3 classes made up of many americans, so you all still have a chance to spend a great year in Italy with Slow Food!  We were invited to share our story with the graduating class for career day and I wish we could hire a bunch of them as they are all qualified and enthusiastic.
We got to see our friend Stefania and met her husband Fabrizio, who treated us to pizza at Cinema' where the motto is Stop War, Eat Pizza.  It is a new restaurant started by ex students of UNISG and was very well thought out.  Stop by during "Cheese" at Bra which is the most fun cheese festival in the world and comes around every 2 years.

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