Sunday, May 02, 2010

An american in Ascoli, construction update, pollinators of Nascondiglio di Bacco

2 Maggio
The week in pictures (also 2 weeks)
Let me introduce you to Brian Hannon, a man who has lived in almost all the midwest states that start with "I" before moving to Boulder Colorado, marrying an italian and then transferring to northern Italy and now Ascoli Piceno, where I discovered his bike shop.  He got me a trainer which I have been riding in my room, trying to get fit enough for these marchigiani hills.  Notice the Steamboat sticker behind him.  As I miss my place in Colorado, I wondered if he suffered from that as well and he responded in the affirmative,  adding that his wife missed Boulder more than him.   All my local friends need to check out his shop on the western edge outside the Porta Romana near the circonvolazione.
The construction is coming along and we have finished the iron works for the pad and poured concrete to a current depth of 70cm. with 20 to go for the floor.  Raffaele and I put in our good luck charms, mine pagan, an empty bottle of Ch. Petrus which Bill Ross brought over on his last visit, in hopes we can make some really good wine as well.  Raffaele covered the religious side of things with a prayer, cross and other icons in an Acquarello can (the best risotto and available in the USA)
Next we have some of the bees and insects which are buzzing about the place and pollinating various lavender and other flowering plants.
I am trying to get the weeds in the rows under control, which is almost a lost cause and we are still stripping the vines of the buds below the 1st wire, which steal energy from the plant.
More of the same coming up in the next 2 weeks.  Happy May everyone! dds

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Richard Badalamente said...

Looks like a big project. Good luck with it.