Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We have walls, 15 hours of weedeating and spring flowers

18 Maggio
Happy Birthday to my old classmate Rebecca today.  Here are the pictures of our construction project and some of my roses which are outnumbering the beetles which eat them each year.  I weedate (invented word of the day) for 5 hours yesterday and 7 today and Raffaele threw in his 3 hours yesterday to clean out the grasses and weeds under the olive trees which we have been ignoring because of the vineyard work.  They need love too, so now they can breathe again.

As you can see from the construction pix, we have a window on the southwest wall of the winery.  This is the floor which will be underground almost to this window, so there is a lot of dirt pushing yet to complete after this phase.  

I changed jobs because of the recent rains we received, but need to get back into the vineyard for another spraying as soon as the wheeled tractor can handle it.  We had lots of input on tractors prior to buying one with tires and all the old guys recommended a tank track tractor while the younger ones said wheeled would be better.  Pros and cons aside, with the grass seed I sowed last year, the tires are getting more traction and we seem to be in good shape.
Finally, my peaches and cream corn seeds are sprouting and I wanted to throw in a picture of my artichokes and our merlot grapevines.

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