Monday, May 10, 2010

Cantina update, pool is open, happy bd Giorgio

10 Maggio
Lazy butt is back with a couple of photos of our progress about a week apart, the news that the swimming pool is open and seems to be functioning and an ugly view of one of my gloves which finally outgrew its duct tape patches.
The first bill for the construction came in this weekend about the same time the dollar hit a 1 year high against the euro, thank you god (little "g" god).   Like buying a stock at its nadir, I got lucky on this one and transferred money friday to pay for our little investment.
Come to europe now while Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy are weighing down the value of the euro!
We had 8 english speakers this weekend, with 6 americans and 2 from the Netherlands.  The season is beginning and now is a really wonderful time to visit along with September and October.
Tomorrow I will spray the vineyard for the 2nd time with sulfur and copper to prevent the various mildews which were imported from america 150 years ago.  It was in revenge for the europeans exporting the starling to us.  I think we came out on the worse end of the bargain.
Bacco is recovering from a little surgery to remove a pyodermic granuloma.  The vet was nice enough to take it off the same day I took him in although I really wanted to do it myself.  I don't think she could have held him down as I did for the local anesthetic.  He took 2 days to forgive me.
I have planted the peaches and cream corn seeds I imported and the little shoots are coming up!  If I didn't mention this before, corn on the cob in Italy is feed corn back home... horrible!
I took my midterm exam for the UCD viticulture and winemaking intro course Friday and await my grade.
That's about all the news fit to print.
Buon compleanno al mio amico Giorgio!

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