Friday, March 26, 2010

Still tying, excavation commences

26 Marzo

We are still tying the 30000 vines with about 60 of 160 rows still to go.  We are up to 6 workers now as the time is approaching when the little buds will be popping out and then it will be too late to continue as they are very fragile and if we break the buds, there won't be any new growth (unlikely, but better to get finished beforehand).
Yesterday evening after dark the excavator returned to start digging the hole for the foundation of the winery.  I got tired of waiting so Raffaele and I went out there with a shovel to get the ball rolling and perform the traditional groundbreaking.  The architect and surveyor came by 2 days ago to lay out the building imprint on our little triangle of land above the vineyard and we changed the exposition so the view would be more to our liking; a bit more southeast with a better view of our valley and oak tree.  
Here are pictures of the building layout, the view and  a few rows of nicely tied vines.

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Erin said...

beautiful! Hard work can never go wrong. :)