Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring photos from Nascondiglio di Bacco

21 Mar 2010
I finally got the tractor into a dried out vineyard to mow the tall grass which was interfering with our vine tying.  It took two days to finish the job and now we are faced with at least another 12 days of tying to finish the vineyard, if we are lucky and the workers show up every day.  I have been so preoccupied with the other work, I almost missed the blooming hyacinths outside my door.  Today, however, I made amends and took some shots of the plum, apricot and cherry trees in bloom along with the trimmed grass and Bacco rolling around in the newly mowed field.
I am experimenting with the italian health care system and tomorrow will visit the hospital in Ascoli for a pre-op visit at "day surgery", which is what is called also here.  They plan to do an ecg, blood work and who knows what all prior to a little skin lesion removal under local the following week.  A bit of overkill, but I am passed due for a checkup.  My 1st visit was to an ENT in town, who spent a few seconds looking at my ear's skin lesion before scoping my larynx, nose, and ears, doing a complete auditory exam, etc.  I just wanted my little 8mm skin lesion removed.  He was a great guy and very thorough and looks like I must have looked before quitting surgery... stressed out!   Now, I just stress about whether we can get all the vines tied before the new gems erupt, not the same level.
Anyway, I pity those of you back home who are going to have to pay 10 years of taxes for 6 years of health care and after the country is bankrupt after the 1st 2 years the care is offered, what then?  No end of life planning in the bill, no tort reform, no end to the in-state monopoly of the health insurance companies and no end to the bribes and earmarks which it took to get the bill passed (if it passes)
E' la vita!


Adrian Reynolds said...

Torte reform? Something wrong with the desserts we currently have?

Dwight said...

hehe,, i was cooking as I wrote that