Tuesday, January 08, 2008

FINAL BCS POLL: MU-4th!!!, KU-7th!!!

8 january
FYI, I am now on facebook under dwight stanford. Also for the 1st time, I have been asked if I was Raffaele's father. And like in the song: "The Night the lights went out in Georgia" "that's a body that won't be found!
We said goodbye to our English guests today and are empty once again. The weather is fairly warm for January, but cloudy and gray, so I have included some springtime photos, one of dawn over Long's Peak from trail ridge road in Colorado and another of a Gambel quail in Tucson.
Bacco weighed in at 22 kg yesterday at the dog food store, all muscle and bone!
I visited 2 swimming pool construction companies yesterday and I liked the folks in San Benedetto. It is amazing what a swimming pool costs! It is one of those things where costs can vary by double from one agency to the next. The search continues.
If anyone has a hankering to celebrate Carnevale in a unique way, Offida has an incredible lineup of events! Mimicking Pamploma, they have the running of the "fake bull" and many other concerts, events and all night parties. I have been told it is unforgettable! We are putting together a package deal for the last part of Jan., 1st part of Feb. for this year's Carnivale. I am also working on something special for Valentine's Day, a long luxury weekend.
I am still working on all my hurdles for residency and we have a meeting today with the Coldiretta (like an agricultural Chamber of Commerce person), who will consecrate and bless all my papers indicating I have a business in Italy which I can then show to the consulate in Denver or Chicago.
Our friend Giorgio is coming to visit next weekend and we are all headed to an Italian pro basketball game in Jesi, home of Verdicchio. Arthur Johnson is the center for JuveCaserta as I may have said and I remember watching him at MU (See above for the highest ranking MU has ever achieved in college football!)
That's all for now! dds

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celia huneycutt said...

As I mentioned when I saw you at Latteland some time ago, you are living my dream. I've spent the last 20 years seeing it all in my head(the wine, olives, cooking, B&B, right down to the dog), the only difference is I am in the south of France. I'd love to catch up and pick your brain. I hope you are in heaven. Celia