Monday, January 21, 2008

weekend in Umbria, lots of pictures, seas of fog, etc

21 January
We are about to choose a planter for our vines. I am always amazed at how things work here and probably shouldn't say too much about that, here on my blog, but I will say, the guy started at 8 euros for every pole, rose to 8.25 a minute later and within another 2 minutes was at 8,5 euros per pole. We have some bargaining left to do. We have had a gelogist and engineer here to get the pool going, now need to firm up a price with the builder.
For Raffaele's birthday, Elisa gave him a lovebird, so we now have 2 animals at Nascondiglio di Bacco. I need to get a picture or two of the piccolo uccello.
The temperature for this week will hover between 35 and 40 degrees with sun in the forecast here in Ascoli Piceno province.
I had a nice trip to Umbria to visit some of my favorite towns there this past weekend. With a base in Montegabbione, I visited Orvieto which is a beautiful town as you may remember from my blog in May 2006, i think. I ate at one of Italy's famous osterie called L'Asino d'oro or the Donkey of gold. Not too bad and I had a nice red wine from the zone made with Sangiovese, merlot,and cabernet. As in many restaurants here in Italy, they tend to overcook the meat, however. The next day I visited Perugia, Assisi and the Eremo delle Carceri which is the hermitage of St. Francis. I have included pictures of most, but couldn't help but take too many pictures of an incredible sea of fog which filled the entire valley of Umbria. WOW! I guess when people ask me when to visit here and I always say Spring, early summer or Fall, that would preclude this beautiful natural spectacle, which I am sure rarely occurs and then only in winter
Back at Nascondiglio, we are expecting guests from Norway this week and the following weekend is Carnevale!
Can't wait.
Enjoy the photos! You see the mountain of Gran Sasso which I saw up close for the 1st time as I drove through Abruzzo this time. You can see this mountain from the agriturismo and skiing is nearby. There is a 10+km tunnel under the mountain which leads you toward Lazio and Rome. Then, you see the presepe or creche in front of the cathedral of St. Francis in Assis and the church itself shrouded in fog. Then from above on mt. Subasio, you see the remnants of Assisi in fog with the tower of the church of St Francis on the right and finally Rocca Maggiore, which is the bigger castle of Assisi, at sunset, viewed from the road on Mt. Subasio. dwight

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