Wednesday, January 23, 2008

INTRODUCING CLODOVEO!! of Nascondiglio di Bacco

Here are the pictures I promised of our newest beast at N. di Bacco. This is Raffaele's birthday present from Elisa and talks only in squeaks for the moment. These seem to be at the upper end of the human spectrum of hearing and drive Bacco a bit nuts!
Yesterday, we took a trip to Acquasanta to visit a ceramics maker who will be designing and making picture frames, cork wine stoppers, letter holders and keychains in ceramic for each of our rooms and could be souvenirs for those who are interested. Then we drove into the mountains to Montamonaco where the maker of The Beast lives as Beast #1 is about finished. Remember the Beast? our giant 4 year aged prosciutto? The sequel has arrived, so no one has to miss out on tasting some of the best prosciutto I have ever tried! The pictures are of the lovebird, Bacco eying the lovebird, Mt. Vettore and another sunset pic from Mt. Subasio.
Stayed tuned for pix of Beast #2.

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