Sunday, January 13, 2008

Juvecaserta and Arthur Johnson

The day has finally arrived! Giorgio and Gaia, 2 friends from Caserta are here visiting and we are all going up to Jesi (home of verdicchio) to watch the Jesi basketball team take on the Juvecaserta team with former MU Tiger, Arthur Johnson. What a hoot. I have seen Jesi, but haven't visited the city properly.
We had an excursion in the mountain region of Ascoli Piceno to search out programs for our summer guests and found the last artisan who makes copper pans, alambic stills, etc. Also, we visited a factory for cashmere products, a famous butcher and a cheese producer. We are still trying to figure out a way to make a guided trip affordable, but also interesting enough to merit the cost. At present, our idea is to start with the copper artisan at Force which is a pretty little town with tremendous views of the mountains and the province, then on to the cashmere manufacturer at Comunanza, then an excursion into the mountains on foot to visit a priest who single handedly is rebuilding a church alla Saint Francis where we could offer a picnic. On the return trip, perhaps a stop in Offida to watch the ladies making the lace. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know!
I started the potatura or pruning of the grape vines yesterday, and did a bit in the hailstorm this morning, but had to quit when it changed to rain. Our poor vines are practically all ready for the nursing home.
Raffaele's birthday is Tuesday if you want to wish him Buon Compleanno. He will be 32, which reminded me to wish a Buon Compleanno to my son Torrin, who turned 28 on the 8th.
All for now, but the pictures are from the area around Force and Montefortine in the western part of Ascoli Piceno.

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