Sunday, November 09, 2008

11 hours of extirpation and pix of the pugliese bread

9 nov.
Happy Veteran's Day to everyone a bit early. Today, I got new blisters pruning back all the old vineyard to the nubs. I also took out all the cables in the 1st 15 rows with about 6 more to go. Next the tractor will come in and tear out the cement poles and a power saw will cut off the vines at soil level. Then the big 1 meter deep plow will make the old vineyard just a memory. I am pooped! and sitting here with a Beck's beer, trying to recuperate.
Tomorrow, more olive picking with Luigi; kind of a I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine sort of thing as he has been tardy putting our fertilizer (biological) in the new vineyard followed by plowing under and seeding with the beans.
The recipe for bread was perfect and here are the pix. If anyone wants to go through the 2 day process to make it, drop me a line and i will give you the link for the recipe.
Finally, a flowering plant with blooms bigger than the plant which opened up yesterday.
Enjoy! Go MU! Sorry wildcats.

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