Monday, November 17, 2008

Cure for global economy blues

17 Novembre
Just a quick note to ask everyone to pass along our escapist blogs ( this one and ). We promise never to write about sad things (at least quasi never) and show nice relaxing photos of our little corner of the Marche. With the stock market rising and falling like the marchigiani hills, wouldn't you rather see our peaks and valleys than those depressing graphs in the WSJ? Also, now that the dollar has regained about 20% of its value, you can start planning your escape from reality and visit us here.
We are expecting a cold front next weekend and maybe some snow flurries. It will arrive just in time for the olive tenere festival in Ascoli Piceno.
The weekend here was relaxing and the weather made it difficult to enjoy the outdoors, so I cooked for our new English neighbors. I also experimented with Kamut flour and made a new bread with cinnamon and nutmeg and made the spinosi pasta recipe served by Marco at his house for the students last week. Try and find a box near you of Spinosi pasta and you will be pleased with the ease of preparation and the quality.
I am shopping online for xmas presents and movies to bring back here; only those with deep meaning like Blazing Saddles, Dazed and Confused, etc ( i did order citizen kane, before sunrise and before sunset as well as american graffiti). I am also going to have some nice college lectures to watch about geology, roman history and black holes which I found at the Teaching Company (highly recommended!)
If you need ideas for your presents, check out and punch in Nascondiglio di Bacco to find our logo items. That is where I am shopping for my friends and relatives. You can also make your own designs there with everything from calendars to mugs, aprons, shirts, etc.
The pictures are from all over Europe, Let's see who can guess correctly where they are taken.
Finally, kudos to Matteo Barolo who was victorious for best young sommelier from Piemonte and now works in a 2 star restaurant near Lagomaggiore (he is in the 2nd picture, but where?)


adrian said...

Duh! The Hotel Via Sauli in Genova just prior to the matrimonio

Dwight said...

That's one. anyone else?