Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A functioning 500 y o oven at Nascondiglio di Bacco

19 Novembre
Yesterday was the 1st real test of the 500 year old wood burning oven which is the oldest part of Nascondiglio di Bacco and for sure hasn't been tried for at least many years. We purchased insurance a few months back against fire, theft, tornadoes etc, so we were ready for the consequences. Underneath the oven is a storage area where my genius poolmen had thrown most of the pine wood with nails still sticking out, which they used to make curved forms for the cement. These, along with 2 lounge chairs and old wood from last year were "neatly placed" or thrown outside, whichever you prefer, and we then burned all the pine with nails and I replaced the rest in beautiful piles ready for the winter. The oven worked like a charm; the smoke exited into the sky and not room #9 and the place is still standing!
I also took my new italian identity card to the agent I am using to license the BMW and will hear from him today, I hope, as to the next step in that process.
It is a beautiful day here in the Marche as you can see by the 3rd photo looking north from the outdoor bread and pizza oven with its new ashes inside. The other photos are from Raffaele and show our visiting students off for a bit of olive picking with guard dog Bacco protecting the perimeter.
Buona giornata!

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