Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's your favorite color?

20 Nov.
It has been a while since I took sunset pictures, so here you are. It was a beautiful day in the southern Marche today, and after opening a bank account in Porto d'Ascoli, Bacco and I had a walk on the beach and he had his swims.
We returned via Offida where the lady at the local drycleaners is trying to get the olive stains out of my jeans. I wasn't smart enough to wear an old, beat-up pair every day when I was harvesting, so now I will either be buying a new pair in the US or setting new fashion standards here-the "Contadino" look of 2008.
Whatever you consider your favorite color, I saw it in the western sky tonight, from deep blues to bright oranges and pastels, These pictures were all taken either out my apartment door or from one of the terraces of room 7 or 8. They are arranged in the reverse order in which they were taken. These were my favorites, but there were many others as good. Again, I take no credit; tutto grazie al Signore! Enjoy!
PS, where are all you world travelers? I only have one correct answer on my "where are you" post from the other day. They are not THAT difficult.

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