Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas season in ascoli and roast chicken

9 dicembre
My luggage is packed and I am ready for the long, tedious flight to the states on Friday.  At least, I am flying BA and not an american airline, so the drinks are free.  I hope to arrive with olive oil and wines intact. Yesterday was the festival of the annunciation or something similar, so all of Italy was off work.  Raffaele and I cooked a meal for his sister and friends and their families (only 10, with us included).  Thinking of american appetites, I cooked 3 roast chickens and since there have been requests for the recipe I use, check out Emeril's finest here- http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/perfect-roast-chicken-recipe/index.html We also had a primo of angel hair pasta with prosciutto, antipasti of cheeses and breads and desserts of sorbets and an apple tort.
After the cleanup, off we went to see the Ascoli chocolate festival with Bacco in tow. For its 1st year, it was ok, but I will hope for improvement in subsequent editions. Dropping Bacco back at Nascondiglio, we then headed to a "show" at the theater/opera house of ascoli piceno which consisted of Shel Shapiro, the 1st long-hair to arrive in Italy in 1963 and later a famous rock star here. He recounted his memories of the good old days from Bo Diddley to U2, the beatles to REM. The name of the show was 1968-the last time it was possible to change the world, (a loose, but accurate translation). It was sort of a "Summer of Love/Woodstock/everyone full of hope for good changes-Us vs Me type of story. 3 hours long, it reminded me a bit of our lectures at UNISG, which were all 3 hours long. This discourse included music from the 50's-90's at least. I must say, being a half generation behind old Shel, it seems my generation and those after me have always been about self and not the group, a shame, really.
Now, it is time to continue my work in the olive trees. As a friend once told me here, cutting is in my blood!
The pictures are from the Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli and are designed to show the similarities between our Christmas festivals and theirs and finally the "before" chicken foto. I forgot to take "after",sorry!

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