Monday, December 01, 2008

Wow, it's the 1st of December! 1049 visits - GRAZIE MILLE

Where do the months go? I am thinking about Christmas and my visit to the USA, while stranded inside during our "monsoon" season. It has been raining quite a bit here, although this morning it was fleeting and a beautiful rainbow was then visible over Ascoli.
I was able to start the pruning of the olive trees this afternoon and raced through the 1st 5 or so, before fading light became an issue. If you get a chance tonight, go outside and look at the crescent moon which is snuggling up next to Venus (brighter) and Jupiter.
I have helped out the cause of cyber commerce and have finished the christmas shopping for everyone back home. Everyone is getting personalized gifts from where I have designed various products with the nascondiglio di bacco logo or pictures of bacco. The gift I made for my brother was actually banned, so you can't see that one ( i guess that means it is perfect!)
Boredom is dangerous and I can see how the shopping channel does good business. There are some really good sites out there to find bargains like which guided me to some incredible buys on memory cards for cameras and other indispensable knickknacks and also wasted a ton of my time.
The pictures are from a little walk I made with bacco in the neighborhood yesterday, showing the local shepherd with his flock, our vistas and bacco making fiends with the local sheepdog. The bottom 2 also show Nascondiglio and our terrain with the vineyard.
Thanks to everyone following the blog! I had a record 1049 visits the month of November.

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