Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New youtube slide show of Nascondiglio di Bacco

Raffaele taught me how to do this. I hope you enjoy the photos which are all jumbled up and include everything from the mountains to the sea, various views of nascondiglio di bacco and of course, bacco himself, and our friends who have visited and helped out with everything from grape to olive picking and stomping and cooking.  Sorry, there is no music as I can't sing well and I am afraid of copyright infringement if I use someone else's song.  Any musicians out there who want to donate the theme song,  just send it along!


Mariann said...

Pretty cool video. I am at a travel trade seminar and this is one of their subjects...making simple video promotions to reach anyone on the inter-net. May have to try it myself...lots of good stuff from Sicily!

someday I will visit!

PS I have a blogger address and am preparing to launch soon!

Dwight said...

cool! I can't wait for your blog and the sicily pix. let me know when it is up and running.
I just made a slide show on ifoto, started an account at youtube and uploaded it there. then, i transferred from youtube to the blog. the photos definitely lose some of their sharpness and color and get cropped willy-nilly, but the idea comes across. Thanks for watching, Can't wait to get back to KC and we would love to see you here!