Friday, September 04, 2009

1st view of the architect's plan for our winery

4 September
Here are our 1st draft plans for the winery. We have already made changes, but the final product will be somewhat similar. The offices, tasting room and drop-off for the grapes will be above and the working part will be underground. The 2 big windows will be viewing the valley and hills to our southeast. We have cut out the window on the left as that part can be under an overhang roof instead of walled in. This will be the unloading point for the harvested grapes which will be destemmed above and pressed and then gravity fed into the fermenting tanks. The tasting area will be behind the window on the left and a fairly large outside seating area is under an awning to its left.
We emptied out again today, but Raffaele in his infinite wisdom accepted a bachelorette party for tonight. After my mistake booking the bachelor party, I may be heading to Offida to escape.
Tonight in our little hometown is Divino Vino, an annual festival of local wineries and food products. There are free and fee tastings and it is a good chance to mingle with the local vintners.
We are hoping for rain tomorrow; everyone cross their fingers as the olives and vines need a drink!
PS. these are the updated architectural plans. south is below with a terrace for a picnic or tasting. the window looks out over the vineyard. the grapes arrive opposite the terrace where the crushing and destemming will take place. we took out one large window and uncovered the arrival area for the grapes.


Anonymous said...

Cool beans! Where will the winery be from the house/pool? Kevin S.

Dwight said...

the winery will be up the hill from us above the newly planted vineyard