Saturday, September 26, 2009

Picking and stomping

26 Sett.
The 24th I finished picking all of our pecorino grapes and tying them on the wire cables to dry for 2 months to make a sweet passito type wine. Yesterday, the Bowlins, Raffaele, Jean Felice, Andrea and I picked 1/2 of the reds and started stomping. That is an experience everyone should have at least once and we plan to continue the "stomp', even after the winery is built.
The vendemmia (grape harvesting) was a tough job as the hill is steep and we don't have any attachment yet for the tractor to load the full cassettes of grapes onto. The temperature was perfect, however, and squashing grapes with a glass of last year's "Piedi Rossi" (red feet) in hand eases the pain and fatigue. As you can see, for the ladies, it pays to have burgundy nail polish for photo purposes.
We hope to make at least 300 liters again this year, if not a bit more, but as our tank is only big enough for 300, we have to find a place for any extra, maybe the old nemesis oak barrel from 2 years ago.
Next up is another special rotational plowing of all the rows and immediately thereafter, planting of the grass seed to cover all the interrow spaces and hopefully choke out the weeds.
Finally, for those in CO or passing through Boulder who like wine and beer, the Liquor Mart is a great place to shop for either and have had bargains for 30 years as my father once drove all the way to Boulder to pick up some 1st and 2nd growth bordeaux from them.

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