Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Some of our favorite restaurants: Don Diego and Beccofino

2 September
I can't believe the summer is almost over. The tourists have all gone home here and we went from full to empty in 48 hours. We have rooms available the rest of the year for anyone needing a quiet vacation. The weather here is still hovering around the 32 degree mark (C) and no rain in sight. After the problem with our sensitive olives with the fly infestation, we have treated the other olives with some sort of biological repellant and hopefully we can save the frantoio and lechino olives for another month prior to the harvest.
Yesterday we bottled the 2008 montepulciano and it seems to be better than the 2007 as it didn't have a chance to be ruined by the faulty refurbished oak barrel. It has rested for 11 months in stainless steel only and is a tannic bomb. We made nearly 280 liters, so come on over and try some.
We were visited by my old friend Claudia and her beau Janek and we all went to Don Diego where my friend Pepe holds court at his wonderful seafood restaurant. It has a California surfer theme and is a place where you can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas for the beach and then eat like a king. After 6 plates of fresh fish and shellfish antipasti, both crude and cooked, we had just enough room to share a small plate of mixed fried fish before arriving at satiety.
Sunday involved a road trip to Norcia for an "end of season" celebratory lunch at Beccofino with another of our friends Andrea. He treated us to a number of treats, most topped with black truffles and a dessert medley which raised my cholesterol another 50 points, I am sure.
Here at Nascondiglio, it is a time to prune the new vineyard vines to one trunk, prepare the soil for grass seed in October and clean.
I am looking forward to visits from some KC folks later this month!
The fotos show a bit of the new displays of stuffed wild boar in Norcia, Beccofino, my friends in Don Diego and a couple of the dishes like farro and dessert at Beccofino.

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