Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday peaks through Bacco's eyes. Mt. Sibilla and Cima Vallelunga

20 Agosto
Man, I'm bored here at Nascondiglio di Bacco. papa' promised  me we would hike up a mt. for my birthday and it's been a month and a half now.  He is always telling me about the 14,000 foot peaks he's climbed in Colorado, but here we have to be satisfied with little ones just over 2000 meters.
Ok, let's go dad!

This one looks good, Mt. Sibilla, about 2200 meters and famous as the home of a famous Sibyl or prophetess who lived in a cave here and predicted future events.  She must be why the mountains around here are called the Sibillinis.  After a steep start from a refuge at about 1500 meters, we have arrived on the ridge and will start our quest for the summit.
Wow, I've never seen Gola dell'Infernaccio from above before!

Dad had to carry me up this 4 meter cliff using the rope,  I'm glad we didn't both fall, I am 33 kg now!  I bet we take another route back down.
Here's the cave where the prophetess lived, I think my room at Nascondiglio di Bacco is a lot more comfortable!
We made it!  Here I am atop Mt. Sibilla with my padrone who luckily brought enough water and a bit of prosciutto for me to have a picnic.  Now I am seeing another mt. calling my name in the distance.  We can scale that one and then take the road back down that scars the side of this mountain and has never been used except by hikers and shepherds with their flocks.
Here's a view of Cima Vallelunga from the top of Sibilla and then a photo of the mouth of the Gola looking towards the sea.
Both of us have our tongues out because it is 85 degrees, I 'marked' this mountain top and now we can "hit the road", literally.  I hear the descent is twice as long this way, but there will be no cliffs to climb down.
Man sure can make a pristine place more ugly with their roads to nowhere.  I take one last look back at the sheep who graze here in the mountains and are responsible for one of the best pecorino cheeses in Italy, Sopravissana.  Thanks for sharing my adventure!  Bacco

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