Sunday, August 01, 2010

Winery and vineyard update, mirabelle plums, junior cycling world championship at Offida!

1 Agosto:  This blog post dedicated to my friend Larry who has no other way to keep up with me as he refuses to join us on facebook.  I even gave him a good alias!
Another 5.5-6 weeks and we will be harvesting something, I hope as the veraison has arrived in the merlot and some of the cab grapes.

I am busy cutting away grapes which I don't think pass muster or in the case of the pecorino are too closely bunched or overcropped.  The winery is coming along with the electricians inside trying to get us wired in time to be closely followed by the folks who route the water pipes and refrigeration tubing ( I think we would call them plumbers).

We are full until 21 August in the B&B, this week with junior bicyclers from Belgium, here to participate in the junior world championship which for some reason chose Offida for the venue.  Who am I to argue.
We just got a couple of nice rains which should see us through almost to harvest and the landscape is turning green again after more than 4 weeks of dryness.
If you go back to my query on my June 10 posting, the answer has arrived and the identity of the mystery tree was Mirabelle.

I have made jam and breakfast cakes with the bountiful harvest and today I had 17 people who tried out a roll cookie which i used to make a 3 layer dolce with cooked plums in between the cookie layers.  No one left any, so I guess it passed muster.
Finally, I'll leave you with a photo of my smart black dog who will only play in the shade and a full moon in the east with our pool in the foreground.

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