Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lunch for 2 Diu's and friends and the first of the fermenting tanks have arrived

26 Agosto

We were happy to host some old and new friends from England and Abruzzo this past weekend as our classmate Fabio Diu's brother and sister came to visit and brought along 7 others to partake of some of our specially selected cured meats and pecorino cheese from the best producer around, Petacci, who can be found in the beautiful little town of Visso.  Add some catered items from Borgo Miriam's restaurant, La Mattra, some of our cooking including risotto bianco and my bruschetta and wash it down with 3 or 4 liters of our 2008 stomped wine and you can get pretty full.   They all recuperated at the pool for 4 hours after, so no worries about the .05 legal limit for driving in Italy.
Here is the first published photo of our initial fermenting tanks with pistons and bells and whistles for fermenting our red wine and automatically punch down the cap.  Of course, the salesman forgot to mention we needed a compressor purchased separately to power the pistons, but there you go.  I am excited nonetheless.
See how lonely these guys look.  There companions were to arrive the 21st, no... the 24th, no... the 26th, no.. for sure the 27th!   No need for comment, right, you know where I live.
We have just 13 more rows of montepulciano to thin out, but today, I am taking a break after one of the plants attacked my left eye yesterday and left me with a little, but uncomfortable corneal abrasion.
We are still full up this weekend at Nascondiglio di Bacco, but the 31st marks the end of the season and September we switch countries from Italy to the USA which will be fun as most everyone hails from KC!
Thanks to all our guests, now friends, who made this year great!

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