Thursday, September 20, 2007

20 settembre

It is a beautiful morning here with the wind whistling through the large pine tree outside my room and a temperature which reminds me of Estes Park. I woke up early enough to watch a dove and a magpie "playing" together in the yard; almost a mating display but obviously it will never work with such a mixed couple! Today, I am preparing a little flyer to hand out at "Cheese" with our brochure for Nascondiglio di Bacco. It advertises a bit our weekend tasting program of Pecorino cheese and wines. My feeble attempt to enter the Ad biz.
We meet today with the winemaker and agronomist and hopefully will come up with a time table and a concrete plan for planting: when, what, where, etc. I am a bit anxious to have that behind us as we need to order the rootstock with plenty of notice, etc.
Off tomorrow to Siena to view the puppy and then up the coast to Bra, just south of Torino. It will be a long day of driving, perhaps 8 hours or more depending on traffic.
It will be great to see my old classmates from the University, some coming all the way from England and others from Venice, Colorno, and Naples!
Here is my little flyer-let me know, but quickly if you spy any mistakes... unfortunately it is in Italian! Abbracci a tutti!
Dove: Nascondiglio di Bacco,
Contrada Ciafone 97, Offida
Quando: Il Sabato in Ottobre
Alle 17:30-19:30
Perche: PERCHE NON???
Quale: 2 presidi Sopravissana Diversi stagionatura-2 e 5 mese; Pec. Del Cavaliere-Matelica-3 mese
DOC Pecorino di San Filippo 2006
DOC Corte Ophites 2006
Prezzi: 15 euros-degustazione
Il weekend (2 notte) per 2 al agriturismo col degustazione
150 euro con primo colazione


Karen said...

Hey Dwight, Well We are back from the trip and I feel a little more settled. Thank you for your warm welcome when we visited. What a beautiful place you have. Wonderful views from all the rooms. The sunset vista was really something special. I would definetly recomend your b&b to anyone. As a matter of fact, I believe that Nick has someone in mind who will be going to Italy in the future. Did you get a chance to listen to Joseph's CD? What did you think? Sounds like you have been on quite a few adventures-lots of driving! I felt as if we drove too much! I think traveling across Italy was the main time consuming issue. I can't believe how wonderful the weather was when we visited-couldn't have asked for better weather. The day it rained I was forced to buy some shoes-the shop keeper was not very nice-ignored me-I ended up with "gold" shoes which I will proabably never put on again-unless for some unknown reason I have a "gold" day. The weather here in TN is in the upper 80's and we are starting to see a few changes in the color of the leaves. We always have spectacular falls(at least I think so). Your dinners sound wonderful-yum. Can't wait to see the pictures of your new puppy-sorry that the other dog didn't work out. Well, I'd better go get ready for my knitting class-I've been working on a silk and mohair shawl for quite a while but it will be worth the effort when I am finished. Oh yeah, Joseph is engaged. He and Kasey became engaged the Friday after we left for Italy-so it looks like there is some planning ahead for us. We are very excited since we love Kasey-she is a perfect match for Joseph. Talk to you later-hope your day goes well-can't wait to hear more about your cheese weekend-I love cheese. Good luck with the wine making-wish we could have seen you "stomping" the grapes. Karen

Dwight said...

I did listen to the wonderful CD . Now I will wait for the solo version. Glad you made it home ok. I think a honeymoon at Nascondiglio di Bacco is in order! dwight