Saturday, September 08, 2007

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8 settembre
Ciao and sorry for the delay... Blogger has had some trojan virus problems and I couldn't access it to post for a couple of days, which were quite full of new stuff!
The old owners moved out yesterday, having started the day before, and I have now tried my best to rid their room of cat smell (impossible) by cleaning every visible surface with chlorine and burning a nice vanilla candle for many hours, but I guess as my experts tell me, a female cat smell should be gone by 2010. I unpacked all!! the boxes in the office and we now have breathing space there. The closet is about half full and I am still arranging stuff, but all in all, things are much better now and Nascondiglio di Bacco is now completely ours, if you will. As Raffaele tells me, I have moved down in the world as I am in a smaller living quarters, but I am thrilled to have my old bedroom furtniture. I now only lack a dog which slobbers and the bedroom will be truly complete. He says my bed is esagerato, which means it is big enough for an entire italian family, but hey, our beds are one of the things we should be proud of.
To celebrate, we cut down the prosciutto from the ceiling and mounted it for carving. This has been aged 4 yars and I swore it must be a relic from the dinosaur age, but it was quite tasty and the broad band of fat tastes just like lardo. Unfortunately, as Raffaele had found the monster, he was given the honor of slicing it and now the prosciutto surgeon will have to fix it as the cuts were not precise!! We celebrated with a dinner of veal, left over roast chicken from the meal we served our english guests, and a nutella torte. 3 wines including a bordeaux, a montelpuciano from 98 which was stupendous and a muscat dessert wine from France. A fitting beginning to our new era.
We did get a sprinkling of rain the last few days, but very little, so I am showing you some pix of what "almost rain" looks like here. It seems impossible we missed the rain on this day, but I think there is a force field around us.
The open doors are showing my room before I moved in; I think it was the old garage. It really is a bit smaller than all the guest rooms but is adjacent to the office downstairs with the closet on the other side of the office.
Finally, with any luck the harvest will begin tomorrow and we can play with our grapes. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and short work week in the USA.
Buon weekend di nuovo!

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