Saturday, September 15, 2007

my new house

15 sett.
Welcome to my new house! Today, the bedroom. Tomorrow, the closet??
The fermentation continues apace in both vats.. It is a beautiful day in the Marche today and we have our 2 english guests who ate dinner again with us last night. Appetizers were olive ascolane, bruschetta di Dwight, 3 cheeses of different sorts and then a pasta with a special sauce, then a sorbet of the newly harvested grapes, then roast pork and a salad and finally the dessert was almond cookies with a special sauce for dipping with vino cotto.
Tonight they will eat along the sea and sunday night with us again, but without a secondo or meat course.
They are exploring the local wines with us as well and have tried a rosso piceno superiore and a pecorino which is barrel aged for 1 year in new oak from La Canietta called Gaia.
Here are my new 4 walls, the external door exits onto the area where the pool is planned and the internal doors to the bagno and the office. Across the office is the closet. And... that is where I live now.. a bit different, eh?

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