Saturday, September 01, 2007

Slow Food in Offida

1 settembre
Time really goes by quickly here. It is another saturday night and i ain't got nobody, but then again i ain't been paid, so it probably is for the best.
We had a windy, clear, cool day today and we are again full. We have many guests from Slow Food who are exhibiting at Divino Vino in Offida. It is a fair if you will showing off the wines of the Marche and Slow Food (check out the link) has brought many producers of Presidi products from all over southern Italy and Sicily. They make everything from cheese to wine or grow and harvest lentels to capers.
I am off to visit tonight. These things usually start at 1800 and go until midnight.
Last night we had a wonderful dinner at Oasi degli angeli and if you come visit and want a really fine fixed price meal, that is my first recommendation. You can see from the pictures we ate extremely well and all organic products, many made on their property, even the rabbits mmmmm grazie Bugs. The first picture is of lonzino a cured meat from the spinal region of the pig, one from the neck region with more fat and the other nearer the tail is more lean. The olive oil is from last year but still dark green and rich with scents of artichokes and olive, but not quite piccante or spicy enough for me. The homemade pasta was exceptional with free range chicken and the chick pea concoction was augmented by the same chicken's broth. The passerina wine you see is really nice and is from a vineyard not more than 10 minutes away from us here at Nascondiglio di Bacco, but I didn't know of its existence previously. I don't even like the passerina grape, but they have done some special grape selection and oak barrel aging which makes it special.
Finally, if you are not tired of sunsets, moons etc. here is today's sunrise. For those, invece, who can't get enough, my Swiss friend turned me on to the sun pictures of her region which are posted every day on a calendar. Check it out at
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! dds

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