Tuesday, September 04, 2007

29 and holding

4 settembre
Thanks to my English guests for bringing us a bit of rain today. It actually was a real 1 cm rain, not a 5 minute tease.
Thanks to Susan from California for sending me my age quiz today, Turns out I am really physiologically 29 1/2 and will live to be 97. Thanks also to my new low stress job for adding 10 years to my life. You can check out the site at http://www.poodwaddle.com/realage.swf Good luck!
We lost internet for 20 hours beginning last night and then the wind knocked out our electricity today. So much for living at the end of the road.
We ate dinner last night in Ascoli at a restaurant owned by a slow food friend; another recommendation for when you come to visit. Inside was a banner for the Chaine, so maybe there is a local chapter!?
We have only 2 rooms occupied at present and that is how it will stay this week, barring last minute reservations, so there is time for harvesting grapes. Our grapes have reached a reasonable sugar level and when it dries up a bit, we will pick what grapes we have and then try to make a vin santo with the whites (and maybe also some of the reds), and i want to buy a barrique to make a red. we will see... not cheap, this winemaking equipment!
More to come with photos when it happens.
Pix today include a local resident at the festival of wine in Offida, another food course from Oasi degli Angeli and the fort at Aquaviva Piceno
Buona giornata. dds

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