Friday, August 31, 2007

Fire and Rain

31 agosto
Thanks to J from England who took the picture of the plowing for me and is ready to start his own blog. He is the young son of 2 anesthesiologists who stayed with us along with their daughter and 2 friends to celebrate his 40th. Raffaele baked a cake for him and we had a mini festa!
We are full again starting tonight; I had to "evict" a priest to make room for our new guests who arriving for a Slow Food convention of sorts in Offida. He stayed with us 3 days and is off to Loreto where the pope has an annual gathering for the children. (Actually, he knew we were going to be full tonight)
On a serious note, we have fires all around us and last night Raffaele had to dash off to save the family home in Ascoli where flames got as near as 50 meters from the house and were burning their little garden olive grove and some oak trees nearby on the hill behind them. We are still waiting and praying for rain which we desparately need. Today again a 60 % possibility, but nothing here at Nascondiglio.
Tonight we are taking a much needed break to visit our friend Marco at Oasi degli Angeli for dinner and maybe a bit of consultation about our vineyard to come. He makes the wine called Kurni which is very special and unique from the Marche,, hopefully one day, we will make one as unique and complex.
The pictures are of another night and day here. a full moon behind clouds, an airplane which was dumping water on Raffaele's house (almost literally) which controlled the blaze behind their house and today's sunrise.
Ciao dds


my life said...

Hi Dwight how are you doin hope your fine ill try to get my acount on the blog hope your fine


hi dwight
great blogsite
thank you for a great stay, and all the effort you went to for my birthday; if you can convey my thanks 2 raffaelli also
we are safe and cold and damp
all the best

my life said...

Hi Dwight I hope ur doin fine Im trying to create my own account see you later

P.S great cake

hi dwight
mark here
thank you for a great stay, and especially all the effort you and raffealli went to for my birthday; can you convey my thanks to him please
we are safe and well in uk (well meaning wet and grey; hey ho!)
all the best for the future

Dwight said...

Thanks for your post Jamil and Mark. We are doing fine here. We went from full last night to empty today, so after cleaning it was a time for the beach. Good luck with the new blog and send us some of that dampness! and you are most welcome!