Wednesday, August 01, 2007

le foto da oggi

Here are the pictures from primo agosto. I lied, Raffaele and I went to the beach instead of the mountains and the pix are of Porto d'Ascoli, adjacent to San Benedetto del Tronto.. Those of you who know me well understand I am not a beach person, but the beach here is nice and you can walk along it for miles and see different people, different colored umbrellas and chairs, different games, sand castles, etc.
Also, today was a good day to see Grand Sasso, the tallest mountain in these parts about 100 km away as the crow flies. It is the one way in the distance.
Then there is our gardener, who is persisting despite the lack of rain and he is pointing out to me how bad the zucchini are this year and finally Filu, Raffaele's pup who guards the place. dds PS: for those of you in KC, don't forget to go to Jasper's, have dinner or an appetizer or lunch or buy the great dried pasta and some San :Marzano tomatoes and pick up a Nascondiglio di Bacco brochure! And also, send any rain our way which you don't need.

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