Sunday, August 05, 2007

Il Concerto di Daniele Silvestri

5 Agosto
Last night 39yo Daniele Silvestri filled the Piazza del Popolo in Offida, a town of 5,000 which acts like 50,000 (they are quite forward thinking and are always promoting their city with festivals, concerts, etc). As a fan of music of all types, I really enjoyed his varied styles of music, everything from pop to rock to metal to folk to "beat" (and I mean the sort of slam poetry of the 50's circa Jack Kerouac) I understood about a 1/3 of the song words, quite a bit more with the spoken words and all of the rhythm and musical cords. There were fans of all ages and at the end since we were hosting the fan club at Nascondiglio di Bacco, Raffaele was able to get his T-shirt signed by Sr.Silvestri. (1st foto)
The hair styles here as you can see in one foto tend toward the shaved side which helps me out having little hair left myself.
I got to bed about 2:30 after checking out my friends around the world on the internet and up today at 9 for breakfast preparation.
Today is the famous Quintana at Ascoli Piceno, a recreation of a medieval festival with all the costumes and contests one would see in ages past. Pictures will follow tomorrow for that.. Buona domenica. dds

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