Friday, August 17, 2007

Back to work

17 agosto
It has turned a bit hot here again and the guests are from the north of Italy and requested a little air conditioning for tonight so I will also sleep better. I am sorry for everyone in the midwest, because for them hot has another definition more akin to SAUNA. Best wishes for a reprieve!
Today, up at 7 to make breakfast for some folks from Abruzzo who overslept a bit, so by 9 I had everyone (3 rooms) at once. We will have a full house next week, so it is good practice.
After breakfast I straightened up the 2 rooms upstairs, cleaned room 4 which is now ready for new guests and then did laundry. There were two bedspreads, one blue and one beige which needed a bit of cleaning and as my friends from Carrollton know, I was brought up in a family which owned an industrial laundry, so... you would think i would know better or be less lazy..... but..... there is a product in Italy which is guaranteed to soak up any bleeding colors in the washing machine,,,, and I have actually experienced this product functioning well.... but..... not today! So I am now rewashing with fingers crossed the beige bedspread with spot remover on about 1/4 its surface area and using bleach, fabric softener, 2 types of detergent and another sheet of color soaker upper. We will see!
Today, we have some strange pictures.. me with a poster of horses, because a strong person or thing in Italy is a cavallo, kind of like me.. pictures also of Giorgio arriving in full stride from his vacation home in Abruzzo, (he is a former classmate from Caserta, near Napoli and you all must visit the palace and gardens there sometime), a wonderful foto of the ruins in Agrigento (temple of Zeus, I think) for my Sicilian friends and a picture of my boyhood home in Carrollton where I learned all about washing clothes! (If you double click on the pix you can get full size images.)
and now for ndb website visitors ,,, more translations from the website about the nearby towns and the nascondiglio di bacco blog which suffers from lack of my attention right now..

Situated nearly 300 meters above sea level an a hillcrest dividine the rivers Tronto and Tesino is the gracious little town of Offida. With a population of just 5000 inhabitants, it is truly a hotbed of activities throughout the year, starting with the famous festival of the Fake Bull the weekend before Fat Tuesday and continuing throught the next week.
Along the Tesino valley, one finds hills covered with grain fields, fruit trees and vineyards and on many of the summits sit the surprisingly beautiful towns of the Picena.
Ripatransone, founded in the mid 1500’s is known for its archeological finds, museums, open air theater, the “narrowest alley in Italy at 43cm and its surrounding medieval wall and towers. Time seems to have stood still here and one can get caught up in this gentle rhythm while enjoying an apertivo in the piazza.
Cossignano, a walled village, is just a few miles from Ripatransone along the same spine of rolling hills.and has a beautiful, if austere, church worth a visit and also a lovely little piazza or plaza.
Finally, Montalto della Marche is famous as the birthplace of Pope Sisto V and experienced great growth during his papacy. Here one finds a solid circumferential wall protecting churches of the romantic and renaissance styles as well as many small streets with artisanal shops. (Ripa and Montalto are 2 of my personal favorites)

The blog will be our simple, fast method to comunicate our adventures at Nascondiglio di Bacco via the internet. We will continually update events here at the B&B and can maintain a direct, reciprocal contact with our guests and friends who are curious about goings on here and in the region.
Here you can find stories about our daily life at N. di Bacco, our new discoveries whether it be an exceptional wine of the zone or a new exciting Pecorino cheese. A calendar of local festivals will be provided as well as spotlights on specific artisans. Photos will give a clearer view of the tremendous beauties the Marche offers, from the mountains to the sea! Some posts will be in Italian and some in English, offering viewpoints from the 2 souls of Nascondiglio di Bacco, our B&B, and we hope you will follow along as we grow and change.( there is a link to that blog from mine and also to slow food, the university blog we started last year and our website.)

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