Saturday, August 25, 2007

Siamo pieno!!

25 agosto (only 4 months of shopping days left)
We are officially full with 7 rooms occupied; 4 with English visitors and 3 with Italian visitors. Raffaele even abandoned Rm 3 to make space for a nice couple of doctors from the UK and their 2 little ones. It is a good time for me, because I can practice my english speaking skills! Things will slacken a bit in September and we will have time to reprogram our future plans a bit. Today, our neighbor Luigi started plowing our ground in preparation for the vineyard planting. By plowing now, if we do get any rain in this decade, the water will soak deeper into the soil. Filu and I took a long walk today up and down hills and searched for houses in which to live in the future for me. There are many abandoned examples near by, but the Brits have the upper hand when buying due to the pound sterling which is double the dollar's value right now.
If any Slow Food types like me are planning a trip to Italy, be sure to come the weekend of september 21-24th to Bra to visit "Cheese"; a truly remarkable get together of cheese producers from around the world. (I am afraid there won't be any Kraft american slices or """""Parmesan""""). I hope to find my favorite variety in the whole world, Macagna there.
Today's pix are of dawn this morning, my little hike with Filu, passing our one big oak at the bottom of the hill and on the way back we met Luigi, our expert plower. ciao e buon weekend! dds


Karen said...

Hey Dwight, As you can see I am now a blogger....I was not filling in the right info...can you imagine. I have just finished reading(well sort of) all your blogs-I had to get caught up. Like studying for exams. (I might have missed a little info-new life, etc. I checked out the web site for offida-lace makers, etc. Looks great! On the site it was mentioned that there is a "wine to wine" event during the first week in Sept. Do you know anything about this. of course, this site could have been done ages ago(probably was). We would definitly like to stop by for a visit when we are in Ascoli. I saw that you love all sorts of music. I am going to bring you a CD that my son has recorded. He plays old time music(a precurssor to blue grass)-it's the type of music they played in the movie "oh brother where art thou"-if you saw the movie. I will brag and say that he just won the national old time banjo contest!! I just thought you might like to hear some old tunes. I enjoyed the picture of your dog. Well, since I have never blogged before I don't know if I've written too much. Oh well, you can edit. See you soon(hopefully) Karen

slowjasper said...


Dwight said...

Devino Vino is next weekend at Offida and includes all of the local wineries almost. Slow Food will have a presence with the Presidia products of the Marche and then there are all sorts of extras. August 30,31 and Sept. !. Can't wait for the CD and if you meet Allison Kraus, tell her to come stay with us here at Nascondiglio di Bacco.

Karen said...

I am bummed out - we will miss the wine event. We won't be down in your neck of the woods until the 6th. I am afraid that Allison Kraus is just a little tooooooo famous for us to cross paths but IF we do, we will make sure she comes and visits you! Do you serve dinner or lunch at your place? Just wondering since I've read about the wonderfully dishes you've been making. Karen

Dwight said...

Karen, we serve dinner only for our guests right now and only when we are not full. lots of caveats, i know. Let me know exactly when you will be here and I can find out what festivals are in the area. But we can always open a bottle of wine and make some appetizers for friends from back home. dds