Monday, August 06, 2007

The Quintana and St. Emidio fest

6 agosto Buon viaggio, AKI!!
8 day countdown
Yesterday was the 2nd Quintana of the year at Ascoli Piceno with a nice parade and a sold out jousting event. I have enclosed some crowd and parade pix and then must admit the fotos of the fireworks at the festa for S. Emidio were taken by Raffaele as I couldn't do 2 nights in a row finishing at 0230! the fireworks started at 0100!
We had some friends of Raffa's stay with us this weekend and they had a nice relaxing time here I think. Lots of good food and comradeship. One of their friends Don Domenico is the priest at Offida and he came for lunch yesterday and blessed the B&B, which was also very nice. This week another big festival in Ascoli for San Lorenzo the 10th with all night concerts thruout the city. Hard to get the old internal clock set here!
The forecast for the night of the 11th and 12th has cleared up, so hopefully we will have clear skies for the Perseid meteor shower. I highly recommend everyone escape the city lights and if possible head above timberline after midnight to watch the falling stars!
More friends start arriving the 13th for a long drawn out birthday celebration. We still have room at the inn for anyone who gets a wild hair and wants to come over!
A little more about the patron saint of Ascoli Piceno, S. Emidio, who is their protector against terremoto or earthquakes.
He came to Ascoli from Germany and baptized many believers before being beheaded august 5th, 303 AD. He then picked up his severed head and walked to the Christian cemetery so he could be buried in consecrated soil. He was given credit for protecting Ascoli from a huge earthquake in the 1700's while many surrounding cities were levelled. Many surrounding towns asked afterwards to come under Ascolan citizenship to share this protection. You can visit the Saint in his sarcophagus in the cathedral here, if you want. Have a great week, everyone and pass on the blog to friends and visit the links to see more stuff regarding my former classmates and Nascondiglio di Bacco. ciao dds

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