Thursday, August 09, 2007

Welcome to the new Nascondiglio di Bacco site!

9 august
Hello everyone. I now have a new job on the blog and that is to explain Nascondiglio di Bacco to English speakers. Our website designer went on vacation after finishing the italian language website and hooked the english flag into my blog. Check it out at or (it) or (eu) as there are many wonderful pictures, our rates, current events and last minute specials which are often tied in with local special events. Don't let the words scare you, it is pretty self explanatory and has soothing music when you get frustrated!
Raffaele and I, as blog followers know, went looking in Italy for a vineyard and the prices were in the stratosphere in Tuscany and the Bolgheri, so we headed here to the beautiful Marche where the land prices are still on the silver standard rather than the platinum standard. After finding several vineyards we liked, but all with problems of some sort or another, we chanced upon Nascondiglio di Bacco which has 6.5 hectares or about 19 acres ready for a vineyard. Starting from zero is one good way to make a wine the way we really want; so we decided to take on a bed and breakfast and try to make the best B & B in the Ascoli Piceno province if not the whole Marche.
We both have master's degrees in gastronomic science and we search the countryside for the little producers of finely crafted wines and foods to serve, biological scented soaps for the rooms, and serve dinners with ingredients from our garden and so on. We have 8 rooms to let which you can view on the website, although for the moment, I am in number 5 until the end of September.
We have now met a winemaker and an agronomist who will help us with the planting details and eventually the winemaking, but for now we are concentrating on buffing up Nascondiglio. We plan to build a nice pool overlooking the southern part of the new vineyard and hopefully will have that finished by the end of Fall 2007. As the grapevines grow, we will start construction of a small winery as well.
For now, there are many wonderful little towns nearby to visit and also the sea and the mountains, both within 30 minutes from our hillside. Keep an eye on the website "news" and "last minute" sections for more details and deals, in both italian and english. Those are the only two parts we can change! Dai, oh well. Ciao for now.. we will have to wait for corrections to the website, we know there are a few, like my name's spelling and we are missing Raffaele's name;;;; he is "io"..
I will start putting my translations which will eventually go on the website here for the time is the 1st titled relax:
The byword at Nascondiglio di Bacco is RELAX.
Visit our B&B and you sense immediately a sense of profound peace and tranquility and simplicity.
We are far from the big city and its noise and chaos. Here the little sounds of a distant tractor , birds singing, or crickets chirping are the only things you will hear. At night, one can spend a very pleasant evening viewing the stars without light pollution and listening to the unforgettable sounds of silence.

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