Sunday, August 12, 2007

La notte della stelle cadente

12 agosto 2007
The night of the falling stars was last night, but you still have time to view the near peak performance of the Perseid meteor shower again before dawn tomorrow. I tried twice last night at 12.30 and then again at 0430 and the latter time was much more fruitful. After I saw 11, I went back to bed.
Offida had another festival last night with roving jazz musicians, dancing troupes, a modelling company which put on a show of costume changes from roman times to modern and could have been ½ gypsy for all I know as there were also scenes with knives balancing on foreheads etc.
The town also had a wonderful demonstration of all the women and man in Offida who do the fancy lace-making with the Tombolo technique and I saw one which was a reproduction of the Last Supper which was truly incredible.
Musical groups also included folk groups, an accordion player who accompanied a singer, and a local girl with a voice like an angel. I didn’t stay for the big finale which was a lady on the main stage named Linda, because she started at 0100, I think.
Our calm time ends tomorrow as today we switch one couple for another and from Monday on, we are full for the week. It will be interesting doing breakfast for everyone at once, but good practice for what will in the future hopefully be a common occurrence.. Fingers crossed! Following is another translation from the blog site describing our history a bit.

The B & B started life 500 years ago as a typical marchigiana farmhouse and was carefully remodelled in 2004 with special care to preserve its antique structure and the simple beauty one finds in traditional Piceno architecture.
Visit our small “hideout” and allow yourself to escape from your daily stresses and reguvenate your spirit. You may choose to enjoy the gentle sea breezes as you relax on the grounds, viewing the beautiful hillside tapestries of vineyards and grainfields or explore the incredibile southern Marche.

At Nascondiglio di Bacco you will experience a relaxing, peaceful environment free to get lost in your thoughts, read a great book, or take a stroll through the beautiful surrounding countryside. One also has the opportunity to discover the talented artisans of the zone with specialties in wine and cheese and tapestry production. Nearby are charming medieval cities, beautiful sandy beaches and mountain paths. Nightlife and fine restaurants are also just minutes away.
Pictures are of Offida and our puny grapes!
Dwight The pictures today are of the main stage in front of ciy hall in Offida, the local hospital, a statue honoring the lace making ladies and my sorry grapes

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