Saturday, December 22, 2007

Apple desktop to the rescue!

22 dicembre,
Buone Feste, everyone! It is saturday at Nascondiglio and I am finally up and running with my desktop computer loaded with its new wifi card. I still have about 200 pictures to go through, but starting today, at least I can insert the Christmas lights from the Country Club Plaza in KC.
Bacco is growing and has developed a couple of minor puppy maladies for which I am inserting unguents in his eye and poisons on his skin. Hopefully, he will grow out of them, but nothing too serious.
Raffaele has kept Nascondiglio in good order and survived a 12" snow storm. All the snow was melted when I arrived, but maybe this winter will be less dry than last.
Planting has been moved up to January, weather permitting, so hopefully all our guests from Carnevale on will get to see a vineyard of 5 hectares (2.7 acres/ha)
We still need to hire an engineer and 2 or 3 other government workers who need employment to survey our land, do soil samples, have a smoke and a few beers and then approve our swimming pool plan. Hopefully construction can begin in Jan or Feb.
I am off today to the IKEA store to find comforters for all the rooms for our guests coming New Year's Eve as we are full and want all of our company to stay warm.
Working with the local authorities, I have found a way to get a Permit of Stay, which will require various contortions, hoop jumping and collection of more British Airways frequent flyer miles. Hopefully by March, I will be legal! Cross your fingers!
I will try to keep working on the blog and the pictures, This computer has an older version of Iphoto which I don't like, so the pix may not yet be up to standard. For those not viewing again before the 25th, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope your stockings are all full of good stuff. Those above are from my brother's house

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